November 18, 2009 – Summit Medical Center is increasing its environmental awareness by making some significant changes to the hospital’s waste management. The changes in daily operations are targeted at becoming more “green” and reducing the hospital’s carbon footprint.

One component to the hospital’s effort includes a recycling program. A recycling collection bin has been conveniently positioned in the cafeteria to collect plastic bottles, aluminum cans, and foam containers. The items are picked up twice per week by Earthsavers, who sorts them and delivers them to a recycling center. In addition, the staff has been recycling cardboard boxes for years.

Since 2007, Summit has donated its fryer oil to a local company that converts it into diesel fuel and in September switched to using 100% recycled napkins in the cafeteria.

These changes reflect the staffs’ concern for the environment and have been made as a result of employee suggestions, the Employee Advisory Group (EAG), and cafeteria surveys. Michael Lineberger, Summit’s Director of Food & Nutrition, states, “As a department, we are proud to be able to act on the voice of hospital staff and begin our recycling program. The steps we have taken thus far are in direct response to suggestions we have had from the staff. Due to the tremendous positive feedback we have received, we hope to be able to expand the program in the future. Many people are aware of the need to reduce our impact on the environment, and these are our first steps in contributing to that effort.” Lineberger’s efforts have not gone unnoticed. One member of the EAG, Ann Kuklinski said, “We are fortunate to have leadership, including Michael Lineberger, who support the suggestions of the team and are proactive in implementing them.”

Summit Medical Center is proud to take these steps to become a more environmentally conscious hospital. The hospital’s staff is passionate about the well-being of their patients and staff, and it’s clear that passion extends to the care of our environment.

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