The orthopedic team at TriStar Greenview

After introducing outpatient total joint replacement to southern Kentucky in November 2020, TriStar Greenview recently celebrated its 100th outpatient total joint replacement procedure. Performing a joint replacement in the outpatient setting allows patients to be discharged from the hospital hours after undergoing surgery and recover in the comfort of their own home.

Critical to the program’s success are expert teams of surgeons, nurses, physical therapists and nurse navigators who each play key roles in the patient’s care plan.

“The most important element in outpatient total joint replacement is a highly trained and efficient team,” said Christopher M. Patton, MD, an orthopaedic surgeon who practices at TriStar Greenview. “Having that superior level of expertise here at TriStar Greenview positively impacts every step along the patient journey, from helping fine-tune patient selection protocols and ensuring optimal surgical care to postsurgical physical therapy and follow-up.”

Innovative surgical techniques, advanced pain management techniques and rapidly initiated physical therapy enhance surgical outcomes. These steps reduce postoperative pain, lower the risk of infection and need for blood transfusions, and allow the opportunity for faster recovery. 

“The level of expertise on our surgical, anesthesia, nursing and physical therapy teams allows us to provide fast-acting, long-lasting pain management plans that reduce postoperative pain, which enables us to introduce physical therapy immediately after surgery,” said Heidi Simpson, RN, orthopaedic manager at TriStar Greenview. “Those elements are critical for starting rehabilitation, discharging patients home and facilitating faster recovery.”

Providers closely coordinate patient care plans, from surgical evaluation to postsurgical follow-up. Its meticulous attention to detail when building and refining the program earned TriStar Greenview disease-specific certification for total hip and total knee replacement from The Joint Commission. This means that patients have the assurance of receiving medical care from a hospital that has exceeded stringent national benchmarks for patient outcomes and safety.

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