TriStar Health - November 28, 2016
by TriStar Southern Hills

Army Veteran Pays It Forward

TriStar Nurse Veteran Justin Lafferty

Every nurse has a story that inspired them to dedicate their career to serving others. Thirteen years ago, Army veteran Justin Laferty was serving in Iraq when he was injured in a Humvee accident. He sustained life-threatening injuries, but a combat medic saved his life and helped him remain calm throughout the traumatic experience.

After recovering from several broken bones and severe injuries, Laferty was so inspired by the incredible dedication of the combat medic that he became one himself.

His passion for serving fellow Soldiers led him into his next career outside of the military as a nurse. Laferty’s experience as a combat medic prepared him to remain calm in emergent situations and do whatever it takes to care for patients. His dedication to healing and service reflects our mission:

Above all else we’re committed to the care and improvement of human life.

We’re so thankful for Justin’s service to our country and compassion he displays to our patients at TriStar Southern Hills.

Watch the video from News Channel 5