Meditech is an integrated healthcare information system. Meditech offers the healthcare provider immediate access to accurate, up-to-the-minute patient information including: lab results, radiology reports, medications, vital signs, etc. Physicians can manage their patients care by having the most recent patient results at their fingertips. Clinicians are notified of abnormal patient results and alerted of possible reactions, conflicts, or adverse events that promotes safe and timely treatment of patients. Physicians also have opportunity to sign their dictated reports electronically without having to visit the hospital medical records department.

PACS-Picture Archive Communication System

PACS is progressive technology used to capture, transfer display and store digital information in a medical imaging environment. PACS digitally stores and transmits a patient's medical image to any HCA Midwest hospital in the market connected to the system. If you have access to high speed Internet, images are available at your home or office via a secure Web site. Further, digital images are sharper, cleaner, and can be enlarged with greater clarity to aid in diagnosis. Benefits experienced with the market based implementation of PACS are:

  • Immediate availability of critical prior and comparison studies
  • Improvement of turnaround time for reporting of studies
  • Acceleration of clinical decision-making
  • Simultaneous availability of images in hospitals, MD offices, and homes to allow the ability for specialists and radiologists to consult on patient cases
  • Increase in physician satisfaction through the easy availability of images with reports throughout TriStar Health System


Muse is a critical care monitoring system that provides online viewing of patient EKGs and electronic signature by physicians.