Navigating Your Cancer Journey from Discovery to Recovery

Sarah Cannon at TriStar Health provides experienced, compassionate nurse navigators to support patients as they go through the many stages of living with cancer.

No matter where you choose to receive treatment in the TriStar family of hospitals, we offer you the assistance of dedicated nurse navigators who specialize in breast, GI, neurological, and general cancer care. Specially trained and experienced in cancer care, our nurse navigators help you through every aspect of your cancer journey and help you stay connected to every member of your care team.

Your nurse navigator is your medical system advocate and will help you, and your family, understand each part of the cancer journey while compassionately supporting your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Patients routinely tell us what a difference our nurse navigators make as they go through one of the most challenging times of their lives.

Ask Sarah

Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute at TriStar Health is pleased to offer access to askSARAH — a dedicated helpline designed to help answer your cancer-related questions. Calls are confidential. Contact askSARAH:

What Does a Nurse Navigator Do?

Our nurse navigators help you:

  • Understand diagnosis and available treatment options
  • Understand what resources are available and how to access them
  • Understand your medications
  • Provide educational materials
  • Offer you the opportunity to participate in clinical trials
  • Help you overcome barriers
  • Coordinate care with the entire healthcare team, including:
    • Surgeons
    • Medical oncologists
    • Radiation oncologists
    • Plastic surgeons
    • Genetic counselors
    • Support groups
    • Dieticians
    • Physical/Lymphedema therapists
    • Radiologists
  • Connect you with outside support such as the American Cancer Society, Pearl Point Cancer Support (Formerly The Minnie Pearl Cancer Foundation), YMCA ABC program, Susan G. Komen, and Gilda's Club for group support and cancer-related products
  • Improve communication between the healthcare team and host multidisciplinary cancer conferences to ensure that you receive personalized treatment

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