TriStar Health Workplace Partners launched in 2015 to serve employers in communities we serve across Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky.

Our program assists employers by coordinating occupational health needs, communicating timely and working directly with the employer. Employees will receive excellent quality care in our 13 hospitals, 3 community-based emergency rooms and 10 CareNow Urgent Care centers.

Learn more about partnering with Workplace Partners. Connect with us by email or call (615) 769-4764.

Workers’ Compensation


Our team provides timely and relevant communication about your employees by:

  • Communicating work status and coordinates follow-up appointments from our hospitals, emergency rooms and CareNow Urgent Care centers for your injured employees.
  • Sending medical records required for authorization to your insurance adjustor.
  • Providing your panel providers with necessary medical records prior to the employee’s follow-up appointment.
  • Offering one phone number for direct access to work status reports and patient records.

Care Coordination

Workplace Partners helps connect patients to occupational health, primary care or specialists within 24 hours, ensuring timely follow-up to help employees back to work.

If additional treatment or testing is required to receive a DOT medical card, our team will connect them to a provider quickly to ensure timely compliance.

Communication between the Workplace Partners’ team and employers’ insurance expedites the patient’s injury care process.

On-Site Services and Trainings

The Workplace Partners team offers several services and training programs on-site for your employees, saving time and other resources. Offerings include:

  • CPR /First Aid Training
  • TN Drug Free Workplace Training
  • Lifestyle Education (Nutrition, Stress, Sleep and Exercise)
  • Stretch and Flex Education Session
  • Supervisor Injury Care Training
  • Blood Pressure Screenings
  • Hepatitis B Series
  • Flu Vaccines
  • PSA Screening
  • Freshstart® (group-based tobacco cessation support program)

Workplace Partners in Prevention Program

TriStar Health’s Workplace Partners in Prevention is a community-based program that focuses on empowering employees to improve their health through screening, prevention, education and intervention. Prevention offerings include:

  • Fasting Biometric Screening or Non-Fasting Assessment
  • Personal Health Profile Questionnaire
  • Health Education Sessions and Training
  • Care Coordination

Workplace Partners in Prevention is available to employers in the communities we serve through a simple application process. For more information, email or call (615) 769-4764 to connect with a member of our team.

Our Workplace Partners in Prevention program was nominated by the American Cancer Society for the 2017 80% by 2018 National Achievement Award, presented by the National Colorectal Cancer Roundtable.