Thank you for entrusting your care to TriStar Skyline. We offer all private rooms, which are designed to support your care, convenience and safety. All rooms have electronic beds with controls that regulate the bed height and raise and lower the head and knees. Your nurse will demonstrate the use of the controls. If you need further instruction or are unable to use the controls, please let the nurse know. The bedrails are for your protection and may be raised at night or during the day when you are resting. They may also be raised if you have undergone surgery or are taking certain medications. If you need them lowered for you, please call a nurse and do not attempt to leave your bed without assistance from the nursing staff.

Patient Telephone Information

A bedside phone is provided for you for local calls. To make a local call, please dial "9" plus the local number. Long distance calls cannot be charged to your room. Collect, credit card or third-party billed calls can be placed by dialing "0" and ask the operator for an outside line. Your family may reach you by calling the hospital at (615) 769-4636 and requesting to be connected to your room.

Calling Your Nurse

Your room is equipped with a nurse call system. If you need assistance, press the bedside call light (red button). A second call light is located in the bathroom for your convenience.

Physician Rounds

Please note that physicians make rounds every day; however, times may vary.

Housekeeping/Linen Changes

Patient rooms are cleaned daily by our Environmental Services staff. If you have any concerns, please share them with your nurse.

Mail and Flower Delivery

Any mail will be delivered to your room daily. Mail received after you've gone home will be forwarded to the address on your hospital record. Flowers are delivered to your room as they arrive at the hospital. If you are a patient in the Critical Care Unit (CCU), you may not receive flowers until you are transferred to a non-critical care unit. Please note: patients opting out of the facility directory will not receive flowers or mail. Mail is delivered daily and should be addressed as follows for patients at TriStar Skyline:

Patient First and Last Name
Patient Room Number
TriStar Skyline
3441 Dickerson Pike
Nashville, TN 37207

Room Conditions and Equipment

Every effort is made to make sure that everything in your room is in proper working order and that you are comfortable. If you experience any problems with your room or the equipment in it (lights, TV, shower, air conditioner, bed, etc.), please notify your nurse, who will arrange to address the problem.

Patients with Special Needs

The hospital has access to interpreters for a variety of foreign languages, if needed. Through "World Wide Interpreter Service" we have access to interpretation for medical services in over 150 languages. Additionally, if you are deaf or hard of hearing, we will provide assistance with TTD phones. Please ask you caregiver for assistance. There is no cost to the patient for these services. For more information, please contact your nurse.


We want to keep you, and any significant others you choose, informed about your care. However, we are not permitted to share any personal health information about you with anyone else, unless they can provide your individualized pass code. This is to protect your privacy. Additionally, if you have requested to be a "confidential patient", your name will not be listed in the hospital's Information Directory. This means if anyone calls or comes to visit you, we will not be able to confirm that you are here or what your room number is. Neither mail nor flowers can be delivered to your room.

Patient Feedback

We are committed to delivering the highest quality care possible for every patient, every time. Part of that commitment is an ongoing process for improving care, and certainly understanding what a patient experiences is an important part of that process.

You may be surveyed after discharge to find out your perception about certain aspects of your care, including:

  • Communication with doctors.
  • Communication with nurses.
  • Responsiveness of hospital staff.
  • Pain management.
  • Communication about medicines.
  • Discharge information.
  • Cleanliness of the hospital environment.
  • Quietness of the hospital environment.
  • Overall rating of the hospital.
  • Willingness to recommend the hospital.

We carefully review the feedback reports and work to improve our care so that we can meet our goal of being able to meet your needs and expectations. Your comments are very valuable to us in our continued commitment to meet your expectations.