TriStar Hendersonville
October 01, 2021

Throughout August and September, the hardworking colleagues in the areas most affected by the recent surge of COVID-19 were blessed by several local churches, businesses and a local nonprofit agency that provided support and encouragement to sustain them through what turned out to be the most challenging wave of the pandemic to date.

The Missions Team of Long Hollow Church in Hendersonville, which has a congregation of more than 6,000, came together to feed the TriStar Hendersonville team every weekday from August 21 through the end of September, delivering nearly 2,000 total boxed meals from local restaurants.

Long Hollow Church members Denette and Tab Blankenship have served as two of the many volunteers who have been picking up and delivering meals each week. Of the experience, Denette shared, “On behalf of the Missions team and all who have participated in this, it has been an honor for us. We have felt helpless, and it means so much to do something for those caring for the sick. Even the restaurants we have been working with to feed the staff have been thrilled to be part of this and wished us well. It’s been a wonderful experience.”

Tab added, “One reason we enjoy this especially is that we won’t get to see these people we’re feeding, but our son and his wife are frontline providers just like the people here, and we know that others have been kind to them. It’s nice to be able to do this for the caregivers here.”

The congregations of St. Timothy Lutheran Church and Good Shepherd United Methodist Church in Hendersonville each delivered more than 500 bags of individually wrapped snacks and notes of encouragement.  The Hendersonville Samaritan Association, an organization formed by the Community Pastors Association (CPA) in 1994, helps families in need get through a crisis that is unusual to their lifestyle and assist them in becoming self-sufficient. The Association delivered nearly 300 meals and more than 400 cookies for colleagues throughout the hospital.

TriStar Hendersonville Chief Nurse Lisa Hochstetler said, “As the CNO, I am beyond grateful to the community organizations that supported our caregivers during this most difficult pandemic surge. Having an opportunity to grab a snack or quick meal sometimes makes all the difference during those times where so many needed so much care.”

Several local businesses also showed their support for TriStar Hendersonville’s healthcare heroes with donated energy drinks, cupcakes, and discounted meals. 

“Our 2 West nurses are so thankful for all the meals and snacks that have been given to us,” stated nurse manager Mandy McDaniel. “They have kept us going in such a difficult time. I hope these generous organizations know how much of an amazing impact they have had on each one of us.”

In addition to meals and snacks, the students and faculty of Merrol Hyde Magnet School, a Sumner County School that sits adjacent to the hospital, printed a large banner thanking the hospital for its work during the pandemic. The hospital staff see this uplifting message as they drive onto campus each day.

“Our colleagues at TriStar Hendersonville have risen to the occasion, once again, and their selfless efforts have not gone unnoticed,” said Justin Coury, TriStar Hendersonville CEO. “This most recent wave of increased COVID-19 infections has certainly presented the greatest challenges, and yet, our colleagues have persevered. I know they appreciate all of the support they have received from the community during this time.”

Merrol Hyde Magnet School banner

TriStar Hendersonville colleagues receiving meals

Good Shepherd United Methodist Church donations