TriStar Health
June 24, 2021

Two-year-old Dorian Strubing, became trapped in an antique wooden barrel while visiting with his grandparents last month. His mother and father drove Dorian to the freestanding ER at TriStar Portland, where the team took x-rays to determine where the child’s limbs were located within the barrel to determine how best to free him.

The Portland Fire Department and Sumner County Emergency Medical Services worked with hospital staff to cut away some of the bottom of the barrel and to chip away at pieces until there was enough room to free his feet, allowing Dorian to be pulled out of the top of the barrel. After the ordeal was over, Dorian's mother asked the first responders who helped with the rescue to sign the wooden barrel, which now serves as reminder of Dorian’s first-ever trip to the ER.

Five TV news outlets from across the state picked up Dorian’s story to share with viewers, including Knoxville and Memphis.

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