TriStar Health - October 11, 2017

"..Our time with a patient is very short and sweet. We get to spend just a very short period of time, and so that example that we set, that patient care we give, is our first impression as to who we are…" Greg McCoy, CT Tech at Tristar Skyline Medical Center

How often do you consider the impact you have made in your patient's life in the short time you are with them? Do not underestimate the power you have in creating a positive patient experience. Here are three easy ways to create a positive first impression.

  1. Center yourself and connect to your purpose with a pause before entering or engaging with your patient. Remember you are called to healing and despite their demeanor, which may be agitated, calm, or even unconscious, you are to be there for them, bringing the best of yourself.
  2. Eye contact, a smile and an introduction go a long way to open a patient/caregiver relationship to a positive interaction. You immediately demonstrate a sincere welcome and a willingness to help resolve a health problem
  3. Make At Least One Non-Medical Gesture. Taking a moment to ask the patient if they are comfortable. Do they need a pillow, blanket, or anything else? You can even show them how to adjust the stretcher to demonstrate that you are sincere in providing comfort to them.

Greg McCoy, CT tech, bonded with a patient that had recently been diagnosed with cancer after his mother had passed away. He believes healthcare is the best way for him to give back.

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