TriStar Health - May 25, 2017

Improved process for laboratory tracking

For nearly 17 years, Richard Smedley has served as a Medical Laboratory Technician at TriStar Hendersonville Medical Center.  Recently, he identified a process that could be better streamlined and implemented a more efficient, accurate method. For his dedication to superior quality and patient care, Richard received the 2016 HCA Innovators Award for TriStar Division.

TriStar Hendersonville Lab Tech Richard Smedley

Richard’s innovation has improved the way the hospital laboratory accounts for and tracks blood bank and microbiology stocks. He developed a program using Microsoft Excel and VBA language so now the items can be scanned using barcodes and the system will automatically log appropriate information for tracking, such as lot numbers, expiration dates and quantities.  The data recordings fulfill the requirements of regulatory agencies for tracking these items. 

Accuracy and efficiency

Since its implementation, Richard’s innovation has saved our entire lab hours of work manually keying multiple entries and has reduced inaccuracies caused by human error.

This recognition means that the laboratory puts quality above all else.

“Receiving the HCA Innovators Award has validated my motivation in continuing to find ways and methods to improve our processes in the clinical laboratory,” said Richard. “My motivation is also derived from being part of a team tasked with the improvement and preservation of human life by providing the highest quality lab reports to facilitate proper and timely diagnosis to aid in the treatments for the patients we serve.”

Partnering to improve patient care

Richard’s team member, Paul T. Flemming, helped oversee the project and partnered with Richard to bring this to fruition at TriStar Hendersonville.

TriStar Hendersonville Lab Tech Team

“We worked on this project together for about five months. This recognition means that the laboratory puts quality above all else and that our company values the contribution that our employees provide on a daily basis to ensure we are providing the highest quality of care,” said Paul.

“The lab is a quality-focused department. The team ensures that our patient’s results are accurate. I do hope that this system can be utilized in other laboratories because the TriStar Hendersonville team sees such a value in it.”