TriStar Health - November 29, 2016
by TriStar Greenview
TriStar Greenview ICU Nurses

Young Patient Melts Hearts of Caregivers

Compassion is a natural trait of caregivers, but the benefit enriches the lives of both patient and caregiver.

The critical care department of TriStar Greenview Regional Hospital shows no shortage of compassion. Hospital caregivers displayed compassion and teamwork through the special care for a young autistic female with explosive disorder.

This patient’s physical needs were no different than any other, but the way her care was delivered required extra collaboration and dedication.

With her unique condition, this young woman needed to feel safe and secure at all times during treatment. Her care team worked together to develop consistent routines to reinforce that she was in a safe environment. When the team established a sense of trust and mutual respect, the young patient’s sweet, loving personality revealed itself and stole the hearts of staff.

“We all fell in love with her – just like she was our own child.”

“I saw such great compassion in my staff and others in our hospital,” said Penny Nole, director of the critical care department. “We all fell in love with her – just like she was our own child.”

The team’s dedication went above and beyond her medical needs as a critical care patient. With their own time and money, the staff provided for all of her needs with clothing and personal items. They even felt compelled to give small gifts such as socks, a toy, and a video game.

It was like Christmas in October for the young patient before she left the care of TriStar Greenview. “We spoiled her just like we would our own.”

Above all else, TriStar Greenview takes their commitment to heart and treats patients like part of the family.