TriStar Health - April 26, 2017

Spiritual Services at Our Hospital

In Hermitage, Tennessee, TriStar Summit Medical Center’s Spiritual services now includes a program to demonstrate our commitment to patients. “No One Dies Alone (NODA) developed from a need to care for our patients who do not have family local,” says Tim Taylor, Chaplain at TriStar Summit Medical Center.

Spiritual Services at TriStar Summit

“The idea came from our internal Spiritual Committee. The entire process took approximately a year to develop, train and educate staff. Currently we have 35 trained employees and 5 on a waiting list,” stated Taylor.

It’s Just The Right Thing To Do

“I am so proud to be available for this service,” says Susan Darr, TriStar Summit employee, member of the Spiritual Committee and NODA volunteer. “This process is scary for anyone and if offering our patients the opportunity to sit with them, provide some support and comfort in their time of need, it is just the right thing to do.”

How We Serve Family Members

“No One Dies Alone is a very special program. It has been well received by our clinical staff and is very rewarding as an employee to show our patients we care at their most dire time of need,” says Peggy Peeler, TriStar Summit and member of the NODA care team.

“We hate to hear that anyone passes away alone and this program helps families out of town know that a trained member of our Spiritual Committee and NODA staff are available to sit with their loved one.”

No one dies alone program

We serve each patient compassionately and are dedicated to being a superior and innovative healthcare provider.

Above all else we are committed to patient-centered care and the improvement of human life.