TriStar Health - October 25, 2016
by TriStar Greenview Regional Hospital
Kaila Provins TJ Flynt TriStar Greenview

The care and improvement of human life can create powerful connections with the patients we serve.

TJ Flynt, lab technician at TriStar Greenview Regional Hospital, shares how she was impacted by living out our mission while demonstrating compassion for a patient.

At age 15, Bowling Green patient, Kaila Provins, was diagnosed with Aplastic anemia and Paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria. Now 21 years old, she frequently visited TriStar Greenview where TJ often cared for her in the outpatient lab.

One day, Kaila was having an incredibly rough day of treatment so TJ felt compelled to ask her, “Hey! What are you doing Friday? How about going to the movies and dinner?”

Kaila angrily fired back, “I’m dying! Can’t you see I’m dying over here? Do you think I can be around people?” TJ calmly replied, “I didn’t ask you to be around people. I asked you to go the movies and dinner with me.”

TriStar Greenview patient friendship

Finally, Kaila agreed to join TJ and nurse, Perri Bwelly, for a girl’s night out on August 21st. It was the first time in six years, Kaila had been anywhere other than a hospital due to her compromised immune system.

Members of the community also helped TJ’s vision for improving Kaila’s life. The movie theatre opened early for a private showing to protect Kaila’s immune system and the restaurant met every precaution for Kaila’s health.

“Kaila has helped me far more than I have helped her. She taught me how to live.”

“It was the moment I knew god was real,” said Kaila. “Now I’m so close to these ladies, they are my family.” This incredible friendship inspired TJ to do something for Kaila that she could never do with her disease – get a tattoo. Without hesitation, TJ got the tattoo and wears it proudly on her left wrist.

A few months later, TJ faced a difficult time in her personal life and her friendship with Kaila provided a source of support. She told Flynt, “You have it way worse than me. I get to go to heaven, you have wait years to get over this and go to heaven.” Immediately the two burst into laughter. Flynt credits that moment that gave her strengthen to really live that got her to get to a better chapter of life.

Flynt is grateful for not letting the busy pressures of the job keep her from giving each patient individual personal attention.

“Kaila has helped me far more than I have helped her. She taught me how to live,” said TJ. Kaila has lived two years longer than known life expectancy of those with Aplastic anemia and Paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria.