TriStar Health - March 10, 2017

Why We Partner with Employers

Through Workplace Partners, we bring preventative healthcare and screenings directly to the community through on-site employer partners. Our team provides education and screenings for conditions like heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

“Many people do not have a primary care physician and may only receive preventative healthcare information at work,” said Kevin Kelly, MD, medical director, TriStar Health Workplace Partners.

“Through the TriStar Health Workplace Partners in Prevention program, we provide the information that many people many not otherwise receive such as the need for colon cancer screenings. Our recent nomination by the American Cancer Society is evidence of our impact in the lives of our clients. We look forward to expanding our partnerships in the future and to be a positive force for healthful change in the industry.”

Committed to Community Health

We’re a part of our communities and our communities are a part of us.

We expanded our Workplace Partners in Prevention program to include education and screenings for colorectal cancer. Through partnerships with 17 Middle Tennessee businesses, we reached over 2,000 people with information about colon cancer in 2016.

WPP provided thousands of risk assessments through questions in the Personal Health Profile, then tailored wellness counseling to offer opportunities for screening if appropriate through colonoscopy or at-home test kits. In 2016, 451 participants were eligible for colorectal screening, based on age, family history, or other factors. During the program, 294 participants at risk had a colonoscopy or completed an FOBT kit.

80% by 2018

Together, we made such a big impact in our community that the American Cancer Society nominated TriStar Health Workplace Partners for the 2017 80% by 2018 Award.

Colon Cancer Screening Pledge TriStar Health

We were honored to celebrate the recognition with leadership from partner organizations who made the outreach possible during a recognition luncheon in Nashville on March 7, 2017. Several employers joined TriStar Health in singing a pledge to help achieve 80% colorectal cancer screening by 2018.

What Are Our Partners Saying?

"I think it is important to offer a comprehensive wellness program or similar workplace option that truly focuses on employee wellness and prevention, allows for education and open discussion in the workplace, and incorporates various community resources," said Carroll Bagwell, Human Resources Director of Cumberland Heights Foundation. "While we enjoy the fun activities at work, we also recognize that it is even more important to remind employees about getting their annual exams and screening tests completed regularly. Pap smears, mammograms, prostate exams, FOBT screenings, and colonoscopies are all approved separate wellness credits and anything we can do to promote these preventions and provide direct resources is important. We have been fortunate to have the full support of TriStar Health, Cigna and The Crichton Group in meeting this goal."

Through our wellness program, we have experienced several employees who were diagnosed early with various forms of cancer through these screenings because it was encouraged. They may have scheduled that first appointment only because of our wellness program requirements, but they are the ones who truly benefited in the long run with an early diagnosis.
- Carroll Bagwell, human resources director of Cumberland Heights Foundation
TriStar Health Workplace Partners

How We’re Fighting Lung Cancer

Based on Workplace Partners in Prevention program health profiles in 2016, cancer committees are now targeting prevention and screening for lung cancer. Workplace Partners assess risk for lung cancer and encourage changes in health behavior, such as smoking cessation. Workplace Partners has been certified by American Cancer Society to facilitate a convenient workplace program named Freshstart®. If you’re at high risk for lung cancer, based on age and smoking history, we can help connect you to a low-dose CT screening for lung cancer at one of our TriStar Health imaging centers.