General Information

  • If you might be pregnant, please call (615) 338-1400 before your scheduled appointment time.
  • If your physician gave you X-rays to bring with you, please do not forget them. (Very important)
  • If you have had any previous reaction to X-ray IV contrast agents, please call the number above at least 2-3 days prior to your scheduled appointment.
  • If you have a question regarding your exam or the preparation for the exam, please do not hesitate to call us. A technologist will be available should you need them.
  • If for any reason you are unable to keep your appointment, you must call (615) 695-7227 to notify and reschedule.

Preparation Instructions

CT Scan: An intravenous injection may Be required for your CT scan. Daily medications can be taken. No solid food 4 hours prior to injection, it is encouraged to hydrate yourself, drinking 8 to 10 full glasses of water the evening prior to your exam. If you have had a recent plain X-ray of the area to be scanned, please bring it with you.

CT Abdomen and Pelvis: Please arrive 1 hour prior to exam time in order to drink oral contrast before the scanning begins. For exams related to kidney stone diagnosis, please arrive 15-20 minutes prior to exam for registration purposes.
A.M. appointment. - Nothing to eat or drink after midnight the evening before your exam.
P.M. appointments. - Nothing to eat or drink 4 hours prior to your scheduled appointment.

CT Chest: Nothing to eat or drink 4 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. Please bring any previous chest x-rays with you.

CT Contrast Study: Nothing to eat or drink 4 hours prior to exam time. Hydrate with water the evening prior to exam with 8 to10 full glasses.

CT Extremity: Please bring previous x-rays with you.

CT Non-Contrast Study: No restrictions or preparation.

Gastrointestinal Studies

Barium Enema: You MUST complete bowel prep prior to your exam. Please call the number above for more details unless your physician gave you instructions in their office.

Barium Swallow: Nothing to eat or drink 4 hours prior to exam time.

Small Bowel: Nothing to eat or drink after midnight.

Upper GI Series: Nothing to eat or drink after midnight.

General Radiology Procedures

IVP: You MUST purchase Magnesium Citrate at least one day prior to your exam. Follow instructions on the bottle. Do not eat or drink anything 8 hours prior to the exam. You may take any medications with water. Hydrate with water the evening prior to exam. 8 to 10 full glasses.

Mammogram: Do not use deodorants, powders, sprays, or ointments under the arms or on the breast the morning of your exam. Please bring any prior x-rays from outside facilities with you. If this is not possible, you will need to provide us with the information so we may obtain them for comparison.

MRI: May require an injection of contrast material. Hydrate with water the evening prior to exam. 8 to 10 full glasses

MRI All: Please let the scheduler know at the time of making your appointment if you have a pacemaker, any implants, or have had any previous surgery in which you may have metal in your body or eyes. Please remove all jewelry prior to procedure.

MRI Abdomen and Pelvis: Nothing to eat or drink 4 hours prior to exam time.

Ultrasound Exams

Ultrasound Pelvis and/or OB: For pelvic area and obstetrical exams, drink four 8-ounce glasses of water to be completed an hour before the exam (a full bladder is needed to visualize pelvic organs).

Ultrasound Abdomen and/or Gallbladder: For gallbladder and abdominal studies (kidneys, liver, and pancreas), eat a low fat meal the evening before (no butter, cream, etc.). Nothing to eat or drink after midnight the night before the exam.

Central Scheduling

The majority of routine, outpatient and inpatient appointments are made through the central scheduling office. When calling to make an appointment, the following information should be available:

  • Patient Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Home Telephone
  • Work Telephone
  • Weight
  • Diagnosis/Symptoms
  • Procedure/Test to be scheduled
  • Type of Insurance
  • Insurance Policy Number (if applicable)

Central Scheduling will request that a doctor's order be faxed or that patients bring the doctor's order with them on the day of testing. Patients who arrive for testing without a doctor's order (written or faxed) may have their test delayed. Confirm the order by contacting the doctor or his/her office.

Central Scheduling Telephone: (615) 695-7227
Central Scheduling Fax: (886) 771-1092

Thank you for choosing TriStar Health. Please consider us for all your healthcare needs.

Our goal is to help you get settled and feel comfortable as quickly as possible. When you arrive at TriStar Health for your stay or procedure, you will be greeted by an Admissions and Registration receptionist. You will be asked for the following:

  • A list of your current medications, including over-the-counter medications and vitamins/herbal supplements
  • Insurance Cards
  • Photo ID
  • If you have a health care proxy or living will, be sure to bring a copy with you to be placed in your medical record.

You will be given a hospital identification bracelet. Please check to see that the information on it is correct. Do not take the bracelet off until you have been discharged from the hospital. If the bracelet comes off for any reason, notify your nurse and ask for a new one.

Please note that contraband including drugs, alcohol and firearms or other weapons are not permitted on Hospital property. TriStar Health is a proud to be a smoke free campus – please leave tobacco products at home.

Patients and visitors are responsible for all personal belongings. TriStar Health is not responsible for replacing lost or misplaced items, so we recommend that you bring only essential items to the hospital and leave valuables and jewelry at home. If you wear eyeglasses or dentures, please bring the appropriate storage containers.