Being a nurse at TriStar Health means treating all those we serve with kindness, loyalty and dignity – whether that is a patient, visitor, volunteer, physician or colleague.

TriStar nurses’ caregiving does not stop when their shifts end.

TriStar nurses devote their lives to fulfill their calling.

“Being a nurse and caring for others doesn’t stop just because the shift ended – for me, it is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It’s about giving patients all that you have and treating them with love and dignity – even when it is no longer your job.”

- Katie Woltemath, RN, BSN, TriStar Skyline Medical Center

TriStar nurses treat each patient like family.

“After my father was diagnosed with an illness, I found myself in places that I had been fortunate enough to never visit before and heard more medical jargon than I ever wanted to hear. My father didn’t see me graduate from nursing school, but I know he would be proud. Each and every day, I care for patients to the best of my ability and I am honored to hold their hands and listen to their stories.”

- Jennifer Pinckard, RN, TriStar Southern Hills Medical Center

TriStar nursing runs in the family.

“I had already been a tech at TriStar Centennial for three years and it seemed like a great next step in my career. TriStar Centennial is like home to me. My mom works there. My aunt works there. I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.”

- Amber Norwood, Nurse Resident at TriStar Centennial Medical Center’s HCA Nurse Residency