Part of HCA, TriStar Health’s family of hospitals upholds the highest safety standards associated with the healthcare company based in Nashville, Tennessee. Thomas F. Frist, Jr., MD, HCA's co-founder and former chairman, believes "putting patients first" is the secret to being successful healthcare providers. We live this philosophy in TriStar’s hospitals, ERs and doctors’ offices.

As part of our commitment to you, the patient, are dedicated to practicing evidence-based strategies for patient care inside and outside the operating room. TriStar is actively engaged in creating patient-safety solutions that make it easy to do things right and difficult to do things the wrong way.

How We Keep Patients Safe

  • Establish patient safety as a visible commitment to our "putting patients first" philosophy
  • Move from blaming people to improving processes
  • Improve use of technology to prevent and detect error
  • Use data to identify and measure improvements

We are committed to using the most advanced technologies and common-sense strategies to make sure you are receiving the highest level of care.

Infection Prevention

With increased national awareness and concern about post-operation infections, we can understand why you may be concerned about Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, more commonly known as MRSA, and other post-surgery infections. We want you to know our doctors and hospital staff share your concern. Our surgical teams do everything in their power to prevent post-surgery infections.

Thankfully, there has been a steady decrease in healthcare-associated infections like MRSA, according to the CDC. HCA is global leader in developing strategies to prevent infections and every hospital strictly follows the best surgical practices to ensure patient safety. When you are a guest at one of our hospitals, you can take comfort in knowing you are in good hands.