Ongoing symptoms like indigestion, shortness of breath, and chest pain could be an emergency in disguise.

Learn More About These Symptoms

Ongoing symptoms like blurry vision, tingling or severe headaches could be an emergency in disguise

Learn More About These Symptoms

Ongoing symptoms like coughing and trouble breathing could be an emergency in disguise.

Learn More About These Symptoms

Emergency symptoms are good at hiding. Learn how to distinguish between the cold and flu, and when the flu requires emergency medical care.

Learn More About These Symptoms

Emergency symptoms are good at hiding.

Not all signs of an emergency are obvious. Thankfully, a TriStar Health ER is here to help. With dedicated emergency experts and faster wait times, you can trust us for even better care. We’re here 24/7 to help you through any emergency — even the tricky ones.

If you're experiencing a medical emergency, call 911 immediately for an ambulance to take you to the hospital. We strongly advise against driving yourself; have a loved one take you to the closest ER.

Where to Go?

No one expects a sudden medical emergency. That’s why our ER is always ready to help with expert physicians and short average wait times. If you have ongoing symptoms that aren’t quite an emergency, our primary care physicians can help get you the right treatment.

Emergency Rooms

If you have sudden symptoms or a serious injury, going to your nearest ER is always the best choice. For serious conditions, you need the attention of experienced board-certified physicians and ER nurses only found at an emergency room.

They’re equipped to treat:

  • Broken bones
  • Chest pain
  • Deep lacerations
  • Head injuries, including concussions
  • Heart palpitations
  • Serious burns
  • Signs of a stroke
  • Sudden and severe back pain
  • Thoughts of suicide or self-inflicted harm
Urgent Care Centers

Urgent care centers, or walk-in clinics, treat sudden conditions that aren’t necessarily medical emergencies. Remember, they’re not equipped to deal with the same kinds of conditions emergency rooms are capable of treating.

Common reasons to go to an urgent care:

  • Allergy symptoms
  • Bladder infections or UTIs
  • Bug bites and stings
  • Flu or cold symptoms
  • Coughs, sore throats and strep throat
  • Cuts, bruises and minor burns
  • Ear and eye infections
  • Sinus infections
  • Skin conditions (such as acne, eczema, hives, poison ivy, rashes and scabies)
Primary Care

While your Primary Care Provider (PCP) may offer same-day sick exams and treatment for minor injuries and illnesses, they specialize in routine services to help keep you healthy and proactively manage your health.

Services they provide:

  • Bronchitis and pneumonia treatment
  • Dermatological procedures like skin biopsies or acupuncture
  • Diabetes management
  • High blood pressure management
  • Immunizations
  • Joint injections
  • Lab tests
  • Physicals
  • Preventive services

We're Here When You Need Us

In an emergency, the TriStar family of hospitals is here for you. With short ER wait times, we provide the highest quality of care, as quickly as possible in your community. Our ERs are equipped for serious emergencies like heart attack or stroke, and our teams are specially trained to get you the fastest treatment possible.


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