Nashville, TN - TriStar Centennial Medical Center has developed a revolutionary, evidence-based proprietary patient care protocol to expedite the recovery period of the post-surgery patient. The enhanced surgical recovery (ESR) gynecological oncology protocol was developed by a multidisciplinary team of surgeons and clinician specialists at TriStar Centennial to reduce complications and recovery time after surgery, ensuring a faster return to normal activities.

Led by Laura Williams, MD, gynecologic oncology surgeon at TriStar Centennial, the ESR program incorporates the patients themselves as an active participant in managing the post-operative care plan. The enhanced surgical recovery program starts in the physician’s office prior to the patient’s surgery and continues through follow-up care. Data will be collected on specific patient outcomes to measure the program’s impact and continually improve care.

“Our model is focused on facilitating consistent communication amongst patients and caregivers,” said Dr. Laura Williams. “It is critically important that patients are fully aware of what to expect before, during and after their surgery to ensure the best possible outcome and a faster return to a life uninterrupted by pain and disease. We believe it is vitally important for patients to participate in their recovery. The ESR patient care protocol is a proven road map for improving surgical results and patient satisfaction.”

Best practices have been set in place to better prepare patients for surgery including updating perioperative guidelines and interventions as well as changes in anesthesia protocols. Enhanced surgical recovery will benefit patients by decreasing their length of stay, reducing surgical complications during the postoperative period and enhancing the patient experience.